About us

We are a team of plastic surgeons with a passion for what we do, being stand by results and having an unwavering commitment to our patients. Our determination and desire to become excellent plastic surgeons developed from our encounters with inspirational mentors and the unique opportunity to work with world’s best surgeons. Taking the best from each, we have developed a unique style and practice of plastic surgery. We are humbled by the inherent challenge in improving the aesthetic appearance, while concurrently respecting form and function.

Our first and foremost priority is the patient and their experience. This begins from the minute someone calls or the moment the patient walks into the office. We’ll spend as much time with patients as they need or we’ll see them as many times as they need to feel comfortable. Finally, we are always available for patients.


We appreciate the beauty of individuality. Each patient is unique with different desires and goals. Respecting this individualization, we aim to ensure that a safe, sound, and reliable treatment plan is tailored to meet your specific needs. We give our personal attention to make certain we understand your objectives and concerns, while we spend the time to clearly explain and define our approach.

Natural. Long lasting. Safe. These are the just some of the words that define our surgical philosophy. We strive to offer the most natural looking results, always trying to avoid obvious signs of surgery. We respect that our patients have busy lives and constantly aim for the shortest recovery times. Finally, we believe in safe plastic surgery that offers long lasting results.


Reconstructive surgery offers hope by restoring form and function. These patients sometimes require different treatments with multiple specialists, exemplifying their resilience and character. To whatever degree feasible, we work together to help restore and rebuild their lives with reconstructive surgery.

Ultimately we measure success in and out of the operating room. It is not only about the results, but the patient experience. There is nothing more rewarding to us than a happy patient.