Pro Bono

Reconstructive and plastic surgery should not be exclusively for patients in good financial standing.

The Pro bono program offers free surgeries for certain groups of patients with indications for reconstruction, for both children and adults.

The team of doctors с conducts a number of consultations and operations (from the point of view of doctors’ work, they are free) in the field of reconstructive plastic surgery.

Pro bono program  is for…?

The beneficiaries of the Pro bono program are people with special social situations, who have various medical problems associated with plastic surgery and reconstructive microsurgery, and who are shown consultations and surgical interventions in the field of reconstructive surgery.

The program includes the following types of reconstruction:

  • breast reconstruction after mastectomy,
  • face reconstruction after trauma or tumor resection,
  • reconstruction of the brachial plexus
  • lymphedema
  • reconstruction of the upper limb after severe burns, injuries
  • reconstruction of fingers after multiple amputations

Patients enrolled in this program are selected according to the severity of the case after preliminary application and registration with the sending of a file containing medical history and other medical information.

Regardless of social status, any patient should have access to adequate medical care and the right to have a chance to return to normal life. Especially after he suffered a serious physical injury or illness that reduced his quality of life.